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What does ff stand for?

“Founder friendly.”

How do I know you’re founder friendly?

Contact any of the entrepreneurs we’ve backed in the past, including entrepreneurs from the companies that were not successful.  

How should I contact ff?

Initially, the best way to contact us is by email via referral from someone who knows us well.

What material should I cover in my deck or presentation?

Please cover these key points. We never sign NDAs.

What should we expect in our first call?

We're looking to understand first of all if we believe in the team, then if we believe in the business, and third, how we can add value.  We are glad to share with you our frank opinions.

What makes ff excited about a business?

Among the attributes that we look for, in no particular order:

    • Ambitious vision, addressing a meaningful pain point.
    • Initial traction.
    • Synergy with other portfolio companies.
    • Sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Most important, an outstanding team.
    • Changes the behavior of millions of people.

What happens after you invest?

Normally, our investment comes with a right to appoint a board member. We are actively engaged with the operational aspects of our companies and make sure that board meetings are one of the ways where we can stay involved. We assist our companies in many aspects, including providing in-house accounting services, making introductions to key customers, recruiting employees, finding business partners, and generally advising on key business issues.

In what legal structures will you invest?

Most of our investments are in the US, although we do sometimes invest in non-US companies that have strong ties to the US market.  (See our list of companies for a breakdown by geography.)  In the US, we typically invest only in C corporations, i.e., not pass-through entities, although in certain particular cases, we will consider investing in a limited liability company. Outside of the US, we would invest in the local equivalent of a C corporation.


Please also see the National Venture Capital Association's Frequently Asked Questions About Venture Capital.