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We have relationships with a number of leading universities which we think are valuable to our strategy.  We welcome other ideas on how to work with the university community; please contact us.

Currently, our relationship works along several axes.  We:

  • Sponsor HackNY.
    HackNY is an organizations that helps engineering students learn more about working in the technology startup ecosystem.  We also support charitably a number of universities directly with which we have ties.

  • Present on campus as a guest lecturer or as a pitch contest judge.
    You can see videos and slides from many of our presentations here.  We have spoken at universities including Columbia Business School, UC Berkeley Haas, National University of Singapore, New York University, Technion Israel Institute of Technology MBA Program, Wharton School, and Yale School of Management.   

  • Partner with students to execute research on topics of mutual interest.
    For example, in 2011-12 we sponsored a team of three Columbia MBAs (McKinsey and BCG consultants) on a research study on “Best Practices of Venture Capitalists in Increasing the Value of Portfolio Companies.” We provided research materials, guidance, and introductions to over 50 interviewees (VCs, serial entrepreneurs, accelerators, etc.) We published the paper in the Journal of Private Equity and numerous other influential media.  Students benefit from addressing real life business challenges, the opportunity to get published, as well as access to a large network which gets to see these potential employees/ entrepreneurs in action.  Learn more here

  • Informally advising some university-based angel group initiatives.
    Our Partner David Teten is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, which we view as a template for what other schools and organizations can build. We are in dialogue with several universities/organizations who want to launch parallel angel initiatives.

  • The ff Technical Fellows.
    The ff Fellows Program allows talented graduate and undergraduate students who are passionate about the startup industry to spend the summer working at an exciting ff portfolio company, or within ff Venture Capital itself.

  • Recruit star students as interns and employees.
    Year-round, we typically have 2-3 full-time or near-full-time (30+ hours/week) interns. Our portfolio companies are currently seeking to fill over 190 open positions. Developers and designers are in especially high demand, but our portfolio companies are also hiring in sales, marketing, operations, accounting, business development, security, media, customer service, recruiting, engineering, and QA. We're more than happy to act as a matchmaker.

  • Look for opportunities to collaborate on ventures.
    We are working with student teams to explore new businesses we can start on the platform of two great domain names, patents.com and alerts.com. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them.