ffVC invests in AppyCouple

ffVC invests in AppyCouple

ffVC is excited to announce its investment in AppyCouple, a technologically-enabled and fashion-oriented company with some big ideas.

AppyCouple's first product is currently in Beta. AppyCouple's app allows future brides and grooms to plan and coordinate their wedding—from start to finish—through a simple and stylish app. The app’s simplicity, however, is belied by impressive functionality. AppyCouple's app takes care of invitations, registry, travel, news, pictures, sharing, messaging, scheduling, and more. AppyCouple graduated out of the ER Accelerator in April with a waiting list 7,000-strong for the app.  

AppyCouple has a vision to bring the same tools to every milestone in a person’s life, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them!

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