Why Moveline Chose ffVC to Lead Our Round

Why Moveline Chose ffVC to Lead Our Round

It was my pleasure today to announce that Moveline raised a $1.5M investment round, led by ffVC. As part of the investment, we are excited to add John Frankel to our board of directors.

When Kelly and I founded Moveline last December, we were very realistic about the scope of what we were trying to accomplish, and that there was no way we could do it alone.

Our first round of funding came at founding from a cutting-edge digital ad agency, Modea, and one of the highest-regarded moving companies in the industry, Lawrence Transportation Systems. Shortly after, we were accepted into the TechStars New York City program. With the help from this excellent group, we defined and built our initial product, an app that lets people take videos of their stuff, and get guaranteed quotes from top moving companies.

We launched this product in June at TechStars demo day, where I was first introduced to John Frankel.

Over the following two months, we had significant interest from investors across the country. Our process for picking a lead investor was simple: talk to as many founders as we could get in touch with that each firm had invested in.

A pattern emerged immediately: there wasn't an ffVC founder who said they wouldn't take money from ffVC again, given the opportunity. This included companies who were still iterating on their minimum viable product, as well as companies who had raised significant later rounds of funding and were growing extremely quickly.

The next chapter in Moveline's story is just beginning, and there is a very long way to go. Over the next few years, we will be adding significantly to our product, growing our team, and expanding well beyond New York City.

ffVC's reputation, straight from the mouths of their current and past founders, is that they are a team of experienced operators, who provide significant resources to their portfolio companies as they make this transition. They know when to step in and help, and when to step aside and let the founders work. And when it comes time to launch another product, do another funding round, or say goodbye to your company, they're by your side.

This is why we chose ffVC, and we are extremely excited to be a part of their family, and welcome them to ours.


Contributed by Frederick Cook, co-founder and CEO of Moveline

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