NY Tech Volunteers Needed - Help Out!

NY Tech Volunteers Needed - Help Out!

Hurricane Sandy has done some significantly damage in NYC, and ff Venture Capital is looking for ways to help out. New York has been an encouraging home for many tech start-ups. Lets give back to the City that helped us grow.

We currently have extra desks in our midtown office, and free wifi. If your company needs space to work during the next couple of days, we have spare desks. Please contact @ffvc for details.

NY Tech Meetup and New Work City are organizing volunteers with technology skills to help with relief efforts and help New York-area businesses and organizations get their technology back up and running after Hurricane Sandy. For now, they are starting with creating a database so that we have a group of people who have already raised their hands and are ready to go as it becomes more evident which organizations and businesses in the city need help. Click here to volunteer.

Here is a list of services that are needed to get New York up, running, and back on the web.

 Engineering services:

  • Getting a server back up and running
  • Data recovery
  • Moving tech equipment and helping to set up somewhere else
  • Wifi and Internet connectivity troubleshooting
  • Point-of-Sale systems
  • Getting backup power sources up and running
  • Assessing electrical damage
  • Setting up a temporary website
  • Disaster recovery and cleanup
  • Technology consulting services       

Non-tech help needed as well:

  • Business consulting services
  • Real estate services: Hosting a small business that has lost power/ infrastructure 
  • Carpentry
  • Plumping
  • Electrical expertise, etc.

Additionally, please reach out if you were affected by Sandy, we're here to help. Here are some hashtags and resources to reference:

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