Crowdfunding: A Perfect Time To Practice Customer Service

Crowdfunding: A Perfect Time To Practice Customer Service

In October, our team at InteraXon was thrilled to launch an Indiegogo campaign for our new headband Muse. Muse is a flexible 4-sensor brainwave sensing headband that will allow you to do more with your mind than ever thought possible. Along with Muse, we’ve built useful applications and personalized exercises that help to improve brain health, fitness training, stress management, studying, and much more!

Muse passed the $100,000 milestone in crowdfunding pledges on Indiegogo on November 9th. Needless to say, our crowdfunding experience has been overwhelmingly positive! IndieGoGo has been an invaluable tool, allowing InteraXon to introduce the world to Muse. It’s also been a great way to hear directly from our market, and gain a sense of what topics are most important to them with the technology they buy today.  A core part of our campaign, which is translated into success, has been a strong customer service strategy.

Our speed, and professionalism, of response to customer inquires about Muse brings great word of mouth. For companies considering crowdfunding, a customer service strategy should not be overlooked. Use this platform to enhance your conversations with consumers and hear what they want.  

The questions we’ve received about Muse (through social media, email, and in person) will inform our future customer service efforts, and build a more efficient Support Team for the long run.

Crowdfunding has allowed us to speak with consumers directly and personally, in a way we will replicate time and again in the future. We’ve been able to debunk myths, clarify what our technology does, and uphold our goal of transparency.  All the while we engage in a human conversation with people who really care about the benefits Muse can offer. It’s been very rewarding, and a fundamental part of our crowdfunding campaign success!

Our Muse campaign continues until December 7th. You can find us at Our support team email is, and we’d love to hear from you!


Contributed by Ariel Garten, CEO of InteraXon

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