Opportunities for Students to Work with ff (Graduate and Undergrad)

Opportunities for Students to Work with ff (Graduate and Undergrad)

ffVC frequently works with students as a research sponsor or startup matchmaker. We are currently also seeking a team to develop two domain names we own or have an interest in, patents.com and alerts.com.  If you’d like to work with us, please apply via ffvc.com/careers


  • What we want: we're obsessed with research and data. If you are a student anywhere in the world seriously interested in venture capital, angels investing, and/or entrepreneurship, please consider working with us on your research.
  • What we bring: for qualified candidates conducting pertinent research, we can provide research materials, guidance, introductions to interviewees and other experts, and access to unique data sets. If research results are high quality, we’ll also help publicize and potentially publish the final paper.
  • What we need: proposed research topic(s); full resumes of team members; course for which you are writing paper; professor’s name and website; timeline; targeted deliverable (length, format, detailed table of contents, etc.).
  • Here’s a list of topics that we’re particularly interested.


  • Our portfolio companies are currently seeking to fill over 190 open positions
  • Whatever you’re good at, at least one company could put those skills to use
  • Developers and designers are in especially high demand, but our portfolio companies are also hiring professionals in sales, marketing, operations, accounting, business development, security, media, customer service, recruiting, engineering, and QA
  • Interns are always welcome!

Domain Name Development

We are currently exploring new businesses we can start on the platform of two great domain names, patents.com and alerts.com. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them

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