Making Sense of Streams

Making Sense of Streams

As social media and information becomes more easily accessible for consumers, there is an overwhelming volume of data that needs to be analyzed to predict the direction of social expansion.  How can a single person - or group of people - efficiently and effectively filter through so much important information?  

Bottlenose is pioneering the cartography of social information in real time, or "The Stream" of constantly flowing data.  By filtering the Stream into information that can be easily analyzed and applied to the world, Bottlenose offers an unprecedented competitive advantage to any company that relies on the real time intercommunication of populations.

This is a talk I’ve been giving on how we filter the Stream at Bottlenose.

You can view the slides below, or click here to replay the webinar with my talk.

Note: I recommend the webinar if you have time, as I go into a lot more detail than is in the slides – in particular some thoughts about the Global Brain, mapping collective consciousness, and what the future of social media is really all about.  My talk starts at 05:38:00 in the recording.



Contrbuted by Nova Splvack, CEO of Bottlenose

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