Discover: Phone Photography

Discover: Phone Photography

Photo by John Arnold on 500px

Now everyone has a camera in their pocket — their phone. In good hands and with a bit of practice your phone camera can take incredible photos. Just stick to the never changing recipe for good photography: careful composing, good light, balanced post processing, interesting subject matter and let lucky accidents happen. That sudden sun flare, water drop or bad weather could change your photo for better or worse.

Phone photography is not without its limitations, especially when it comes to printing. But, you don’t need to miss an opportunity of a great shot either. Just take out your phone, adjust composition and click. Who knows, maybe the same image will inspire you later or secure your next job through Instagram or Twitter. Kevin Russ is a testament to a phone photography success story, you can read about it here.


We asked our 500px community on social pages if they take photos with their phones? The majority said yes and sent over a great number or beautiful photos. We’d like to share our favorite images with you. We hope these photos will inspire you to try out phone photography and experiment a little. Enjoy!



Have you been thinking of trying out phone photography? Here are some great apps that can hep you out with enhancing your images: VSCO Cam, Pix, Snapseed, Fhotoroom and Pixlr Express. Let us know which app is your favorite in the comments below & share your phone photos with us.

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Contributed by Diana Tula, Editor at 500px

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