ffVC on CNBC, in Businessweek and in USA Today

ffVC on CNBC, in Businessweek and in USA Today

It was a big day for the venture capital and startup worlds on Wednesday, when the SEC officially voted to lift the ban on general solicitation. While much of the attention regarding this change in policy was devoted to the impact on hedge funds, ffVC partner John Frankel raised awareness of the game-changing consequences for venture capital funds and startups. 

John was interviewed on Thursday morning by Carl Quintanilla, Kelly Evans, and Simon Hobbes on CNBC's Squawk on the Street. He was also interviewed by Bloomberg Business Week and quoted in USA Today's article on the topic. 

John said that lifting the ban would "bring the high returns of early-stage investing into the limelight and facilitate more money to early-stage firms and thus to start-ups."

Check out the CNBC clip here


Below is a picture of our team cheering on John while he was live on CNBC

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