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Our Partners are experienced entrepreneurs who work closely with our portfolio.  We have founded and built a range of businesses both as stand-alone startups and on the Goldman Sachs platform.  We offer a wide array of services to support our portfolio companies:

  • Fundraising
    We have strong relationships with most of the leading later-stage venture capitalists who will be important partners for you in future funding rounds. We often assist in strategy, negotiation, and execution of future financings. 

  • Finance Acceleration
    Our dedicated finance and accounting team provides a range of services to portfolio companies at cost, including: accounts payable/expenses tracking; accounts receivable/revenue tracking; payroll; general ledger; management reporting; financial modeling; and annual tax and financial reporting.  In addition to relieving our companies of a time-consuming burden, this also gives us deep insight into their status and an improved ability to help them plan for the future. We have yet to meet an entrepreneur who is excited to run the accounting for his or her business.

  • Best Practices
    See our conference presentations and classes and blog for practical advice on how to build your company.  We have invested extensive time, effort, and money in identifying best practices for the disciplines necessary to grow a startup, including identifying business modelsfinancial modeling and valuation, legal strategy, managing your boardmarket research, product development, raising capital, PR, recruiting and management, and sales and marketing. We periodically hold private workshops for portfolio companies on these topics.  To learn more, we suggest reviewing our curated links on entrepreneurship in general, building an internet startup, selecting a VC, and the New York innovation community.  

  • Recruiting
    Using TheResumator platform, we promote open positions at our portfolio companies on our Jobs page. Further, we assist in sourcing, recruiting, and hiring the talent needed to help our companies grow.

  • Communications and PR
    We advise our companies on the most effective communications/PR strategy, and help introduce them to the key journalists in their industries.

  • Software Engineering
    We provide coaching to technical teams on how to build out a quality engineering function. 

  • Discounted Services
    We have partnered with over 50 (and growing) service providers specializing in the startup community, including providers of legal advice, development services, testing, infrastructure, public relations, and recruiting.  These companies have agreed to provide discounted services to ffVC portfolio companies.  

  • Office Space
    Portfolio companies can use our 5,000 square foot "fitness office" as permanent or temporary office space.

  • Entrepreneur Community
    Through the ffVC Founders community and our periodic idea dinners, our portfolio CEOs can tap one another for answers to difficult questions. 

  • Access to Leading Universities
    Our portfolio companies leverage our relationships with leading universities for interns, employees, research projects, and marketing.

  • Mentor Network
    Our proprietary network of mentors and consultants work with portfolio companies on an as-needed basis, as unpaid mentors, consultants, board members, and interim executives.