We are an international venture capital firm, comprised of six US funds and one European fund, with close to $300 million under management. Today, our active portfolio of 90+ global companies generate over $15 billion of market value. Since 2008, we have been empowering startup founders with seed funding and resources to launch transformative technologies that have improved the lives of millions worldwide. The ffVC model is simple – we invest early, stay highly engaged, and focus on revenue growth. Our team works actively with founders to develop products, target markets, and accelerate growth. We are highly efficient in supporting later stage fundraising efforts, leading to our portfolio companies are 5x times more likely to raise a Series B than the average venture-funded startup.

Investment criteria

We seek out founders who are driven problem solvers, building teams where we can add value:

  • Fits into ffVC’s thematic world view
  • Path to $100mm revenue run rate
  • Industry expertise and ability to lead
  • Existence of strong defensive moats

Our investment approach establishes the foundation for long-term value creation:

  • $300,000 to $700,000 initial investment for 8-10% of a company (post-money <$10mm targeted)
  • We lead rounds and gain board participation
  • We follow on through pre-money valuations of ~$50mm

Portfolio composition


In addition to the USA fund compositions above, ffVC’s European fund based in Warsaw, Poland is primarily funding Tech + Gaming innovations from Series Seed through Series B. This initiative is part of a wider partnership with Totalizator Sportowy (a Polish gaming company and the national lottery operator), PFR Ventures, and the Polish National Center for Research and Development to invest and nurture companies in the Central European region. ffVC Europe is particularly focused on empowering founders with a Polish footprint that are deploying their products globally in the wider fields of e‑commerce, fintech, gaming, cybersecurity, enterprise software, AI / big-data. Investments range from PLN 1m – PLN 12m.

Driving Alpha

ffVC’s investment conviction, across all funds, comes through exhaustive due diligence. We set the bar very high before deploying capital as we only invest in 5% of the 3,000 deals we review a year. After we invest, we devote extensive resources beyond just capital to help companies grow from the Seed through to Series A to Series B, including access to our exclusive accounting firm, 35,000+ founder and investor ecosystem, and investment team that advises on product development, sales & marketing, and revenue generation. This has translated, to date, to top decile performing fund portfolios with 26 exits and more than a half dozen of pre-IPO unicorns driving over $100 million in annual recurring revenue.
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