CEO SERIES Episode 8:
A Conversation with PrivacyHawk CEO Aaron Mendes
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>> Hi everyone, excited to be here. My name is Aaron Mendes, I'm the CEO and co-founder of PrivacyHawk. PrivacyHawk is a privacy super app that empowers people to take back control of their privacy. The problem that we're solving is that data leaks are putting billions of people at risk of cybercrime.

If you can see on the screen here, just a sample of some of the big data breaches that have happened in the last few years. Target lost 40 million credit cards, Equifax lost 140 million drivers license and Social Security numbers. And the problem is is that all of us, as we use the Internet all day long, are just spraying data all over the place like a firehose, and we're now all in thousands of databases and these databases are getting hacked.

There's really no practical way for an average person to go figure out who has my data, what are they doing with it? And who can I reclaim my data from, what databases do I not need to be in so that I can reduce my risk of being in one of these data breaches?

So why now? The reason why this has become a relevant business opportunity is because there's now billions of people that are covered by privacy regulations that really only went in to effect the United States in the last year or two that gives them control over their personal data.

The biggest one is called the California Consumer Privacy Act, there's also one in Europe that covers all Europeans. And it gives you rights that you've never had before, such as to know what data companies have on you, request that they delete your data, opt out of having your data sold, and rights about discrimination.

But the problem is just cuz you have that right doesn't mean that it's practical for you to actually exercise it. Because you'd have to go find all these thousands of companies that have your data and make these requests individually. So nobody has the time or the expertise to do that.

So our solution is PrivacyHawk, it's a mobile and web app that unifies all of your privacy controls into one place. It enables you to manage and control who uses your data. You can automatically opt out of databases you don't want to be in. It identifies who has your data in the first place automatically.

And unifies all these tools in one place. You can think of it as kind of like the alarm company for your private data that prevents crime before it occurs. You may have heard of a service called LifeLock that helps with identity theft. The problem with these identity theft services is they tell you that it's already happened, it's too late.

This prevents it from happening by getting you out of thousands of databases that you don't want to be in so you don't ever have to deal with the identity theft in the first place. It's a huge addressable market. We've estimated that at least 4 billion people globally are covered by some sort of privacy regulation that empowers consumers to take advantage of an app like PrivacyHawk.

So it pretty much applies to anyone that uses the Internet. Anyone that uses the Internet is spreading their data all over the place and is at risk for scams, spam, hacking, and identity theft as a result. So the product is, right now we're in iOS, which is Apple phones, which is about 50 or 60% of the market here in the US, and Android's coming soon.

So the primary features of the product are, if you look, start over here on this screen on the left, where it says find companies with my data. So, what we do is most of your digital footprint, most of the companies that you've given data to, have sent you an email at some point in time.

So a clever way to find most of the companies that have your data is to sync with your inbox. And so what we do is we sync with your inbox and we identify all the companies in there that have your data. And then you can browse those companies and decide which of those companies you no longer want to have your data, and then the app will send a request to them to delete your data.

The other thing that the app does, if you look over in the bottom left screen here, is what we call data harvesters. So we've identified over 400 companies that sell or share your personal data to anyone that wants to buy it, these are list brokers, telemarketers. There's also these background check and people search sites that actually publish your personal information, and who you're related to, and everyone else in your household.

And anyone can go buy that for like $1, but they're required to delete that data if you ask them to. So what we did is we collected all these companies that you've never heard of that are harvesting and selling your data, and we just nuclear bomb all of them and get you out of all those databases.

So our business model is a freemium business mode. It's $119 annually, there's a free trial with limited functionality, and then you can upgrade to get the full functionality to be able to make unlimited requests. So yeah, that is all I had for for today's talk about PrivacyHawk. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you guys.


PrivacyHawk uses automation to detect which companies are likely to have your personal data. The company makes it easy to control how that data is used, or have it deleted based on your local privacy regulations if you no longer want that organization using your data.
ffVC first invested in PrivacyHawk in 2021
Aaron Mendes
Co-founder & CEO
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