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A Conversation with Trusted Twin CEO Krzysztof Malicki
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Yeah, hello, I'm Krzysztof. I'm the founder and CEO of Trusted Twin, on the contrary, and thanks for smooth introduction. On the contrary we are writing not on something physical but on something that is virtual. So we rather enable cooperating partners in decentralized environments to share data reliably and in a secure way.

So we are a developer platform that enables creation and sharing of digital twins. In fact digital twins are virtual representations of objects that are crucial to decentralized processes. They can represent almost anything we have projects in which digital twins represents our professional goods, utility meters or will person like, for example nurses.

But they can also represent anything, or everything that is part of the supply chain management like for example a C-container, that is shirt. Or that is handled by multiple partners for like a physical cargo that is inside of such a container. Digital twins are used between collaborating partners to aggregate business relevant knowledge.

In that what I mean is that such knowledge can be provided by multiple partners but they still have to manage visibility and accessibility of such knowledge. And a digital twin then become to be dynamically generated object that is owned by multiple entities at the same time. So it is very difficult to store such a digital twin I mean a virtual object in the infrastructure that belongs entirely to one of the partners.

That's why a separated external platform is needed to store and share such digital twins. So in a centralized manner. So you can say that digital twins are shared object from the perspective of the ownership of data, that are used by the partners to manage, or to organize a common or a shared process.

In that case it might be a process that is related to supply chain management. That we provide an API first or APIs for managing or for working with digital twins and our main functionalities based on those APIs covers these four areas here. So we enable users of the platform in most of the cases these are software companies that are building solutions for digital twins or solutions that are using digital twins to retain full control over knowledge, visibility, and accessibility.

I mean over the short knowledge that is aggregated around the twin. To provide an external source of verifiability and trust to pay based on, for example, blockchain authorization, which is important and there is no trusted third party in the environment. So when the partners are collaborating, like it is in supply chain to separate partners from any harmful interference from the other partner.

So this is exactly what we also provide and then as in such environments partners may require different ways and different technologies for integration. Whoever with other partners so we allow them to use their preferred integration strategy and technology. The platform is a developer platform as I said before.

So it is dedicated for software companies that have to carefully manage their limited resources. So we enable developers to focus on core activities while all the non-functional but still mission-critical issues related to reliability ,availability or for example scalability are covered by our platform. So instead of wasting time on the concept of like a base investment in software they can quickly move to the stage when they are developing the core functionality that in fact their clients are paying them for.

And of course from that perspective, our platform is a ready to use data sharing layer for digital twins. It allows such software companies to drastically reduce development time and costs. And at the end as the digital twin market is a market that is rapidly growing and expected to grow around 60% per year annually to reach over 40 billion euro in 2026.

We enable such software companies to unleash the power of digital twins with transparent usage based pricing that is, in most of the cases aligned with the value that we generate for the business. And our business cases that if there are questions I can elaborate on include today, for example a utility meter manufacturer that is planning to deliver a measurement service that will replace a typical delivery of a measurement device.

We are also working with a professional footwear manufacturer that would like to convert from delivery of professional shoes into delivery a new shoe as a service offer. That's very interesting because I have never thought that there might be a need for that. But in fact, this is the requirement for sure the service offer comes directly from their customers.

And we're also working with a large hospital that needs such a platform for data integration for data sharing to be able to produce useful knowledge from a multiple legacy IT systems. To be able to provide informations that are crucial to them from the safety and regulatory perspective. So that's all so I open for the questions and thank you for the time with you.


Trusted Twin is an API-first platform for Digital Twin creation and management powered by secure data storing and sharing framework.
ffVC first invested in Trusted Twin in 2022
Krzysztof Malicki
Co-founder & CEO
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