ffVC companies are led by visionary founders that solve mission critical problems, disrupt markets, and change consumer behaviors. At the crux of these value propositions are proprietary technologies that scale rapidly to billion-dollar enterprises. ffVC’s platform team is an integral part of the portfolio management process by fostering a supportive community that aims to accelerates a startup’s journey from seed funding to exit. From helping founders fundraise their follow-on rounds to providing workshops and tools for business growth and more, ffVC’s platform initiatives constantly adapt to changing markets and individual founders’ needs.

Joining The Ecosystem

As a testament of our relationship with our founder network, 80% of the fund’s deal flow is generated through the ffVC ecosystem. This flywheel is further amplified by our platform operations that have been recognized industrywide for its high community engagement (3x above the venture industry average), in distinguishing our holdings in the broader startup community. This network includes preparing startups to meet with ffVC’s growth equity partners that encompasses over 700 VC firms as founders ready themselves for latter stage rounds. This is accomplished through a regular a cadence of sector specific events, founder-day summits, portfolio best-practice webinars, investor roundtables, and a newsletter with a subscriber base of over 30,000 members.


We work with founders to help them succeed: across the venture-backed landscape, around one third of Seed stage companies go on to raise a Series A round and 10% go on to raise a Series B round. ffVC portfolio companies are three more times likely to raise a Series A and five more times likely to raise a Series B.

We help companies set up for the journey ahead, financially, operationally, and mentally. When you join our family, it means having a community of peers that you can learn from and lean on, a network full of talent and co-investors, and supporters who are a text message away.

An Inclusive Community

The ffVC community is a place where founders and our teams can feel fully welcome in our family. We have invested in founders with a broad range of backgrounds, contexts, and identities and we work hard to maintain a culture of support, empathy, and open communication.

Platform Support For You And Your Team

Over 100 Roundtable Learning Opportunities Each Year

Active best practice communities across 18 key areas (from pricing strategy and data science to sales to engineering) provide our founders and their teams the opportunity to work through ideas, challenges, and quickly discover best practice frameworks in an active informed community of founders


We’ve built active relationships with well over 1,000 investors, and with our micro-communities of VCs, we help founders make key connections faster. We cultivate this activity through conversational-style newsletters that we call the “G.A.N.s” (short for Gives, Asks, and News) to keep you informed and connected - access the best learning, talent, and financial resources we find. Regular events and meetings mean you can tap quickly into resources, get questions answered, and move through bottlenecks faster.

Help with Hiring Needs

Our roundtable communities are growing into communities of talent from which our founders can hire quickly: we’ve been able to condense hiring timelines down to as little as two weeks because we shortcut them to a wide spectrum of talented operators. We also share curated talent with our portfolio companies on our ffVC Talent Network.

Fundraising Support

With a long-standing reputation within the U.S. venture ecosystem, and active communication with over 700 VC firms, we can help founders access follow on capital efficiently and effectively. We support you strategically to prioritize future investors and target them early with a structured fundraising process to save you time and distraction.

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