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Each month ffVC hosts in-depth conversations with the founders of our portfolio companies to learn about their path to growth, their challenges and successes, and their plans for the future. Join us to hear these compelling startup success stories.
Episode 16:
A Conversation with DepoDirect CEO Todd Seligman
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DepoDirect is the developer of legal software designed for the legal industry to streamline and automate legal proceedings such as depositions, hearings, and mediations. The company leverages AI speech to text, automation and data analytics, that increases attorney efficiency, enabling clients to save yearly deposition costs.
Episode 15:
A Conversation with Alexsei CEO Mark Doble
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Alexsei is the developer of an advanced legal platform designed to answer complex legal questions at scale. Their platform employs advanced machine learning and leverages collective intelligence for a knowledge management system to keep track of all important issues, enabling lawyers to upload and share manual legal research work.
Episode 14:
A Conversation with dataPlor CEO Geoff Michener
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DataPlor is a data intelligence platform designed to connect companies with an on-demand mobile workforce. They perform data verification, data augmentation, and market research on local businesses, enabling clients to customize their own data collection requirements in a hassle-free manner.
Episode 13:
A Conversation with Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma
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Movable Ink's platform activates data into personalized content in any customer engagement and serves as an extension to the technologies that marketers use, enabling clients to accelerate their marketing performance.
Episode 12:
A Conversation with SpaceOS CEO Maciej Markowski
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SpaceOs is a developer of a workspace control software offering comprehensive property management services, improving critical daily activities of workspace occupiers and operators.
Episode 11:
A Conversation with Civ Robotics CEO Tom Yeshurun
CivRobotics is a developer and provider of construction robotics designed to improve land surveying
Episode 10:
A Conversation with Trusted Twin CEO Krzysztof Malicki
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Trusted Twin is an API-first platform for Digital Twin creation and management powered by secure data storing and sharing framework.
Episode 9:
A Conversation with Linker Cloud CEO Daniel Kierdal
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Linker Cloud is a provider of logistics services, specializing in e-commerce order fulfillment. Their platform offers fulfillment services for e-commerce companies, reduces customer onboarding time and costs, and automates processes and billing, thereby enabling logistic companies to easily manage their e-commerce customer orders, shipments and returns
Episode 8:
A Conversation with PrivacyHawk CEO Aaron Mendes
PrivacyHawk uses automation to detect which companies are likely to have your personal data. The company makes it easy to control how that data is used, or have it deleted based on your local privacy regulations if you no longer want that organization using your data.
Episode 7:
A Conversation with Skipti CEO Mike DePace
Skipti is revolutionizing retail with a circular, turn-key solution that allows for seamless product scheduling and on-demand, roundtrip delivery.
Episode 6:
A Conversation with Softdrive Co-CEOs Leonard Ivey and Alan Daniels
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Softdrive is the future of the personal computer. It allows professionals to stream a powerful PC to any device without worrying about lag, computer performance, or download speeds.
Episode 4:
A Conversation with HoneyBee CEO Ennie Lim
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HoneyBee’s mission is to destigmatize access to financial help in the workplace. HoneyBee empowers leaders that are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive culture by providing access to no-cost rainy day funds, unlimited financial therapy and education to help improve their employees’ financial health. HoneyBee is an integral part of employers’ DEI initiatives. 89% of HoneyBee's users are people of color, women, or both. Equity is extremely important for underrepresented individuals and people with marginalized identities to be able to succeed and thrive.
Episode 3:
A Conversation with Parento CEO Dirk Doebler
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Parento is an insurance-based paid parental and family leave solution that helps small to mid-sized businesses offer paid family medical leave.
Episode 2:
A Conversation with Manna CEO Bobby Healy
Manna is a Drone Delivery Service "in a box" for dark kitchens and restaurant chains. Its aviation-grade drones fly at 80 km/h and provide a guaranteed 3-minute delivery time to the local neighborhood. By providing and operating a channel-agnostic fleet of drones, Manna allows its food partners to provide drone delivery for all their distribution channels - direct and indirect, and can operate deliveries for a fraction of the cost of human-powered road-based delivery. Manna is regulated by the relevant aviation regulatory bodies in Europe and USA.
Episode 1:
A Conversation with Socure CEO Johnny Ayers
Socure is the leader in digital identity verification technology for Day Zero and beyond. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, and the broader internet to verify identities in real-time.
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