We are proud to announce the establishment of ff Blue & Yellow Heritage Fund, a specialized fund that will exclusively invest in Ukrainian founders and startups.

Now is the time to invest in Ukrainian Founders

Ukraine has a storied tradition of world-class innovation and investment success, including the invention of the harddrive, the market leading software/IT development platform (Gitlab) and messaging platforms that billions use every month (WhatsApp). Recent unicorns built by Ukrainian entrepreneurs and engineers include Affirm, Grammarly and People.ai. Ukraine has more graduates with degrees in technology than most European countries, 240,000 of its citizens employed in the IT sector (ranking 5th globally in development talent by SkillValue) and is home to R&D centers for more than 100 major tech companies, including Google, Samsung, Snap, Oracle, Nvidia, Lyft and Ring.

In 2020, investment in Ukrainian companies represented 57% of the total VC activity in the CEE, $1bn. With interest in the region exploding in 2021, growing to $3.6bn total invested in CEE, so too did Ukrainian VC activity grow, hitting a record high of $832mm. This has attracted the attention of leading global investment firms such as BlackRock, ICONIQ, Lightspeed, Tiger Global, Insight, and Andreessen Horowitz. Since the beginning of the invasion this has significantly dropped off; Where others see risk, we see opportunity.

ffVC first invested in the CEE region in 2019, leading the Seed Round for Respeecher, the leading voice-cloning software featured in projects like Disney+’s “The Mandalorian.” Knowing that our proven model of high touch support is most effective when we are local and accessible, we expanded our operations to the CEE region in 2019 and established an office in Warsaw, Poland.

In 2020 we launched ff Tech and Gaming, our first CEE focused fund, led by our local Partners, Mariusz Adamski and Maciej Skarul, and a team of 12 CEE investment and operations professionals. So far we have built a portfolio of 14 companies in the CEE and continue to expand deeper into the ecosystem while connecting our founders to the US under a one-team approach.

While later stage US VCs have been active, few have built early-stage platforms to identify and support companies pre-Series B. With the establishment of our Warsaw office, our team had been building unique capacity in the country and had begun to identify a number of promising early-stage opportunities.

While the decision to launch a separate Fund to invest exclusively in Ukrainian companies was informed by the invasion, it is not rooted in charity. We see an opportunity to not only fill the current funding void, but to continue to help talented teams grow and become large successful international companies. With the help of our Ukrainian Venture Partner, Denys Gurak, we have deepened our ties with the local VC and entrepreneurial ecosystems and are grateful for the full support of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.

As a US VC firm with established operations in Central and Eastern Europe, we are well placed for the challenge and excited to further expand into the CEE.

Founders, click here to submit materials.

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