CEO SERIES Episode 9:
A Conversation with Linker Cloud CEO Daniel Kierdal
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Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I'm the founder of Linker Cloud, an ffVC portfolio company based in Warsaw. I've spent many years starting in VC starting in hardware IT, spent 10 years at IBM, then move to Bucha Adobe and start to work with in digital marketing carrier and E-commerce.

But just before founding, Lynker spent several years Hybris working with E-commerce brands and realizing that E-commerce is growing very fast. But the operations are not so easy, nice cake so together with my co-founder who spent several years working on the other end creating the system go to PayPal for Rocket Internet.

We've started the company to support operations for E-commerce. Let me share the screen and tell you shortly there what we do. So in general just a quote that's all my selling is about making a promise with all the marketing destruction all the rich media etc nothing like but making the promise.

Then operations it's fulfilling the promise. Our vision is to make one day delivery reality for all consumers worldwide. And the mission is to blur the geographical boundaries and e-commerce, the internet is the international front. But at the end of the day, we have the borders. When shipping physical goods, it's not just stories, but this is the crucial moment because as you can see, we have no more the sales funnel, where this takes us there.

Final step, Excuse me. The sales gifts paid spec. So the breakeven is the third purchase on average. So we have to really fulfill the promise on the highest level to keep the customer to make the work faster and make a brand ambassador. But these operations, especially when we've disrupted or the problems we have in the supply chain with all the other situation worldwide it's extremely difficult.

But the process itself is pretty well described. We know everyone knows what has to happen between the moment when the customer or consumer needs the buy button until the final delivery and fulfilling the trucks. So if it's already good described and defined we can really outsource that so look for help to specialize partners as third party logistics.

And the other trend just extremely important thing before our business, is that the e-commerce is growing pretty fast. There are small and medium enterprises and direct to consumer business models. So there's a lot of brands, producing great stuff like cosmetics, supplements etc. And for them the only reasonable strategy is to go international to sell into new countries to.

But to expand the niche, they working to additional markets, but then you can imagine even if with the well-described process of fulfillment. And to continue to outsource that if they have to do this on several markets, from European perspective. The UK after Brexit and at the same time Germany, Poland or Spain to find the proper subcontractor to proper logistics operator in every country means research.

Means negotiations, signing an agreement on the end of the day, landing with several systems or agreements to support one. But the crucial process in the business, so that fulfillment and logistics. So we've created a marketplace where merchants and e-commerce can focus on sales growing the business. On the other end, fulfillment of operators the local warehouse owners can focus on operations which the core business and will bring them to the business.

By the way we started as a pure SaaS company offering the order the management system for the logistic operators. And last year we've combined them to the virtual network but the marketplace and the virtual network of logistics operators is a business model. But what's the product? Because we're not selling marketplace.

We're selling the service there finally which, surrounding the merchants to scale the business. It's combined with the Software in the platform, but of course network of partners and processes to glue it together in order to make it really work. And with that we are offering the easy expansion transparent pricing, local time may help delivery desired by consumers.

We are building the network acquiring the sub construction the supply side using the same process or similar processes in sales. So, growing the network, finding the maximum common divider to have a scalable throughout the markets. And then use our technology was created several years ago as a solution for the logistics it doesn't matter what technology what systems what they have it's very transparent for both sides.

Together with processes, not only the processes you can see on the right, the processes of fulfillment of the packages, orders, etc, but also the onboarding and expansion processes. And that's why we're bringing the value to consumers being their vehicle to grow the business to really think internationally and remove the borders of the case study.

Customer we've started within three weeks on four markets operation is being as close to customers as possible. That's all from my side. We have to quite strict the time slots, but I'm open to handle the questions right now. I can handle Thank you very much.

Linker Cloud is a provider of logistics services, specializing in e-commerce order fulfillment. Their platform offers fulfillment services for e-commerce companies, reduces customer onboarding time and costs, and automates processes and billing, thereby enabling logistic companies to easily manage their e-commerce customer orders, shipments and returns
ffVC first invested in LinkerCloud in 2022
Daniel Kierdal
Co-founder & CEO
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